Content Development

In relation to custom content development, we have many proven instructional models that can be repurposed to fit your company's needs. Everything we create is developed in such a way that our clients can maintain and develop future courses. We can demonstrate such models in web or face-to-face meetings. For every level of engagement, we can develop new models to fit your training and business needs.

Content Creation

It is possible that you have your business and learning goals already mapped out, with learner profiles clearly delineated. In such cases, we craft a solution whereby we assist you in executing the design. This involves creating the content in line with the objectives, developing graphics to support content, integrating the course to ensure navigational ease, and ultimately making sure it runs on the platform of your choice.

Content Conversion

Engage learners from anywhere in a world where new technologies crop up and old ones become obsolete, we help you stay current and relevant. If you are looking to:

-Re-purpose content from one medium to another
-Convert legacy courses into current technology
-Develop courses that are in compliance with standards (like SCORM, AICC, etc.)