How We Work

Your business needs are our goals

Giving you 'The right Learning Solution's is our end goal for everything we do. It's about finding, designing, and creating a learning solution that's right for your business and right for your learners. And we get there in four simple steps:

Project Management

Our seamless approach to project management is ultimately what keeps our entire process together. It also ensures that you're part of what's happening from start to finish. We keep you informed with regular meetings and discussions to review the progress of your learning solutions. And our project managers help keep you organized, scheduled, and comfortable, always encouraging you to share your feedback about our work and your experience with us.

Analysis & Research

Analysis is critical and typically underrated. It's a process where we raise all of the important questions about your situation and answer them together. The goal is to come to a mutual understanding not only about your wants, needs, and goals, but also those of your learners. Analysis is where we get to know you. Our systematic search for new ideas and methods in educational technologies gives us the answers to each client's unique requirements.

Learning Design

In the Learning Design phase, the whole idea is to broaden our thinking by keeping your outcomes at the top-of-mind. It helps both you and us to focus only on the messages and learning solutions that most effectively lead your learners to those outcomes, for the whole reason you're investing in learning. Once we've identified the best learning solutions and planned the best approach, we're ready for the Development phase.
Our instructional design experts employ imagination and creativity when tailoring services to client's individual needs, producing thorough and clear wireframes.


With our multi-talented development team, we build all of your learning solutions in-house by collectively collaborating to ensure your learning solutions are built according to the plan. We have an array of technical tools that we can use to produce your materials including custom coding ability (HTML5, Corona, Javascript, Jquery), authoring tools (Articulate), video tools (After Effects), animation tools (3DS Max, Maya), print tools (In-design, Illustrator)