Other e-Learning Services

Broadly defined, e-Learning includes all forms of electronic learning and teaching. There are a variety of tools for creating e-Learning solutions, and too often they overshadow the challenge of creating meaningful e-Learning solutions that do more than just "throw" content at learners. It's where we always start with your desired outcome what you need to solve and what you want learners to 'do' and 'know'. Then our subject matter experts will design and develop a solution that achieves those outcomes. Our goal is to make your solution meaningful, memorable, and motivating to your learners.

Graphics & Animation

'A picture is worth a thousand words.'
Complex and hard-to grasp concepts become easy to understand when supplemented by animations and visuals, making the course both interesting and interactive be it illustrating tiering in banking, drawing a wishlist of a company's do's and don'ts and many more.
Ultimately, the goal of these graphics and animations is to improve learning and retention, and not just the eye candy. Our highly experienced pool of graphic artists, illustrators, and animators breathe "life" into learning.

Mobile Learning Solutions (Mobile-Nuggets)

Engage learners. Anywhere.
Training programs designed for all handheld devices (smart phones, tablets, eReaders) accessible from anywhere, anytime and fully integrated with LMS or VLE systems. As various mobile devices have entered the marketplace, we know on-the-go interaction and access to information is desired for personal, professional, and learning purposes.
We have the e-Learning design and development expertise and technological background to guide and provide you with the best-fit mobile e-Learning systems as part of our e-Learning solutions - to ensure the medium being used for training supports your expected business outcomes.